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Wholesale Info

Looking to stock a range for your salon that is of professional quality mineral makeup & organic skincare?

Musq boasts so many benefits for fashion and health conscious consumer that will leave your client looking gorgeous while their skin benefits from soothing zinc, built-in sunscreen and active minerals. Importantly, Musq is truly pure and has no hidden fillers, synthetic ingredients, or highly irritating bismuth oxychloride and carmine found in other mineral makeups; these are counterproductive post treatment, and implications include adverse skin reactions and product returns.

We offer full product, colour selection, application & sales training, low set-up costs, regular stockist newsletters, free brochures, social networking support, marketing incentives, frequent and diverse media coverage and most importantly, the best mineral make-up! Just read the testimonials! Please refer to our ingredients page for more information about our cruelty-free accreditations and environmental ethos.

Or are you a makeup artist wanting a premium concentrated and long lasting makeup? Musq provides the application ease and speed, durability, pigment concentration and diversity. Unlike other mineral brands, Musq's professional formulation is suitable for photographic work and ideal for bridal when nothing less than perfection will do! Save time having superior products that negate the need to apply primers and concealers - even over deeply pigmented areas and rosacea. Naturally your clients will then purchase Musq mineral make-up directly from you.

For wholesale information, packages and terms & conditions, please email us at info@musq.com.au or by phone on (08) 8333 1070.

What makes Musq different when you are seeking the safest, premium mineral makeup you can buy for your business? Our flexibilty, low minimums and exclusivity are just a few of the features!

1. We leave out ALL synthetics, natural irritants and fillers that are still found in other ‘natural’ or mineral enhanced brands. Your customers won't get the heaviness, blotchiness and itch caused by other mineral brands, so they will repurchase and refer new business

2. Packaging and shades are as fashionable as they are pure and natural 

3. Flexible and affordable opening orders 

4. Musq won the 2012 Natural Beauty Awards best natural foundation

6. Musq uses a undiluted blend of quality minerals. Products provide a broad-spectrum SPF15. We use the highest quality Mica that is not coated or mixed with FD&C colours. We don't use fillers - eg: talc might be a mineral but offers no skin benefit. Our active ingredients create a cosmeceutical quality makeup, creating an extension of skincare.

7. Includes certified organic ingredients within a wholly vegan, gluten-free, nut-free formulation.

8. All Musq products’ ingredients comply with legislative requirements for cosmetics and meet all NICNAS (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme) requirements.

9. No nano sized or micronised minerals. Our minerals are triple milled to a fine cosmetic grade and while barely perceptible to touch are not visible.

10. Musq is worn by experts in the beauty industry who will not compromise on ingredients' safety, purity and performance, such as Lara Deutsch creator of Stem Organics, Pompadour's Nicole Spanger and Julia Renshaw of Everescents salon-only organic haircare.

11. Unlike mineral makeup that contains shiney bismuth, Musq's foundations are suitable for photography and televison.

12. Unrivalled and innovative. Setting the benchmark, Musq wasn't just one of Australia's 1st mineral brands, but also its 1st 100% natural fashion brand!

13. Transparent and unambiguous. Ingredient lists are proudly made available, and commensurate with our philosophy which is not the case with all brands! Phrases like '100% pure' or 100% mineral makeup' are misleading, and stating what is left out does not refer to what is left in all of the products! ALL Musq makeup is 100% natural AND safe.

14. Support Australian Made



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