Week 4 – Musq

Week 4

Our Journey is coming toward an end or perhaps it’s the beginning of a new journey as you have now laid the foundation, clarified in what direction you are heading and developed some new strategies to manage life and life’s challenges.


You have been introduced to some new concepts such as being a Mindful warrior, implementing your new BOLD skills in your life.


Breathing deeply and slowing down, using mediation to stay focused and becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings which enables you to accept responsibility for what is going on internally and externally. Breathing correctly relieves stress and improves general wellbeing.


Observing your thoughts and feelings in a manner of speaking, detaching yourself from the emotions which enables you to consider what is really going on internally and externally, enabling you to make conscious decisions based on values rather than being re-active to events, in other words you’re more in control of your thoughts and emotions. Observing comes back to understanding and how perceptions influences our judgments which in turn affects our emotional wellbeing, decisions and ultimately our outcomes in everything; life, relationships and career and so much more.


Listening to your Values, in other words clarifying what guides you and making choices and decisions that are aligned with your values. When we make decisions and choices aligned with our values we experience more certainty, less confusion and less stress and conflict. We become more confident and able to trust our own judgment.


Deciding on Actions & Doing them which comes down to clarifying what outcomes we desire, setting SMART goals and breaking them down into ACTION STEPS. This way we live a life by design rather then creating success by chance. You will experience more confidence and self-worth as you now take responsibility for yourself and your life. Your success becomes determined by your skills and determination, you stop blaming people and circumstances and you live your life with purpose.

Naturally, as with all new knowledge and skill, mastery doesn’t happen instantly. First comes awareness, then you need to implement the tools and strategies that you have become aware of and then you need to practice until they become second nature, old habits replaced with new.

Without a doubt this program is the mere foundation for creating a healthier you and a healthier life from the inside out.

We are so excited that you have undertaken this Journey of self-discovery with us that we want to hear about it, about any new insights and transformations in your life that has followed as a results of you doing things differently or perhaps doing something completely new to you.

We will give you the opportunity to share your journey with us over the next week and we will choose one participant each month to be published in our newsletter and on our website and we will naturally also gift you with a Musq pack valued at $155.

Here goes….



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