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Let's get started ...

We are already up to week 2 of our Coaching Program. We hope that you have had some time to reflect over the last week about where you are at, and what you want to achieve with your goals. Hopefully you have already started to make some changes, to ensure you will have achieved your goals by week 4.


This program is brief and its aim is to introduce you to strategies and new skills that will enable you to understand the process of making lasting changes in your life, personally and professionally. During this program our focus is primarily on health and wellness, however the principles are the same in any area and can be replicated. I am confident that other goals will emerge during your journey, one thing often leads to another.



There are a number of benefits with goal setting.

  • We get clarity of what we want or need to achieve
  • We get a better understanding of why it is important, this is motivation
  • In order to accomplish our goals we generally have to learn new things or do things differently as a result we become more efficient and reap benefits in other areas of our life as well.
  • Goals are generative, they help us map out our direction and they keep us focused.
  • We become more productive, efficient and success is no longer a matter of hit and miss.

We suggested you set simple goals and if you as yet haven’t confidently nailed them down, try something simple. Such as scheduling a routine of exercise 3 times per week or perhaps cutting down on caffeine or getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to meditate.


Lasting changes start small so we don’t get overwhelmed and over committed. It is also important that we look at the benefits of achieving the goals as well as the obstacles involved, so we can ensure we are motivated and that we have strategies in place to overcome the obstacles.


Another essential part of goalsetting is the habit breaking down our goals into smaller goals or milestones, and then into Action Steps. The key is to keep on doing…. doing and doing….


Athletes perfect their every move, their every stroke, so does musicians…

If we want to perform well, we need to be focused, keep taking action and perfecting our actions.

If we put the time and effort into our planning and our tasks the same way an elite athlete or virtuoso plays his violin we would also reach heights off success never reached before.


There is the unfortunate saying:

“How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time.”


Now I am a vegetarian, so to me this saying sends shivers down my spine. However, it also reminds me when I encounter big problems or goals that anything is possible as long as I break it into manageable tasks, may it be mentally or physically.





By the 31 st of August, I will have completed a routine of 30 minutes exercise 3 times per week for 4 weeks, so that I can get fit and have more energy.


This goal is supported by my values as health and wellness is one of my core values*. I will share my progress on FB with my family and friends to demonstrate personal responsibility and accountability.


Affirmation to support my goal:

I am easily completing 30 minutes of brisk walking 3 times per week and I feel amazing.


  1. I will schedule my routine to Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  2. I will be getting up at 6.30am to start at 7am
  3. I will put my running clothes and shoes next to the bed each the night before
  4. I will complete an exercise diary every time to see how far I walk
  5. I will share each time on FB
  6. When I have completed my goal I will celebrate and get myself new exercise clothes.







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