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A moment with Claire Aristides

Posted on July 18, 2016

It is no wonder Aristides Fine Jewels have been around for 5 years now. These cult creations made of delicate, fine jewel pieces mixed with gold, diamonds & gemstones, have a following around the globe of trendsetters who adore her pieces that are made for a lifetime of memories. Read our catch up with Claire herself and find out a little more about her and her business. It will be sure to inspire you!


The beautiful Claire Aristides

Q. You specialise in minimalist to bridal jewellery. Do you separate these into two collections when designing and is there a difference when going through the design process?

A. All our designs are on one website but we have categorised the collections. We recently launched on Instagram Aristides Bridal @aristidesbridal as a dedicated feed for all things bridal. And that’s going so well. Brides love to be inspired. My design ethos is very much about bringing out the best in the gold, or the stone whether it’s a diamond or gemstone.  The engagement ring and wedding ring design process is a lot more involved and complex, there are many factors size of stone, the spec of the stone, the budget the time frame. All my jewellery has meaning for my customers as they are often gift purchases, ie. from friends as leaving gift, a birthday or an anniversary but the engagement ring that’s a really big deal. So these designs are a lot more involved, quite a few meetings are required to create ‘the ring”.

Q. You also offer a bespoke service. What process do you go through with a client in regards to this?

A. Bespoke is a lot of fun, normally a customer falls into 2 categories they are very specific of what they want and have a design in mind, or they have no idea and want me to develop some ideas. It gives me a great sense of achievement seeing the initial drawings go through to a CAD design then a finished piece.  For me seeing the customer try on their bespoke finished piece for the first time and gasp with excitement – it’s a real buzz and I love being a part of creating that special piece for them.

Q. You have a cult following on instagram (43K last count). How does this reflect in the business of Aristides Fine Jewels?

A. Instagram is invaluable for us. Keeping our Instagram up to date is a full time job, and something we have carefully curated. Instagam is an amazing platform to reach customers and followers and have a 2 way dialogue them. We often share product launches and offers first on Instagram. Jewellery is very personal so this direct conversation via Instagram is incredible. Many bespoke jewellery pieces have been created from an Instagram ‘like’ and ‘comment’.

Q. Your tips for styling jewellery this season?

A. Mix your golds, mix old and new pieces, wear your rings on thumbs and pointer fingers… and don’t forget the pinky she often gets neglected! Layers are always lovely for necklaces. Tell a story with your jewellery, make it unique to you.

Q. How often shall we clean that diamond ring we wear every day and how?

A. It’s very good practice to have your diamond engagement ring checked every 12 months approx., and at that point have a professional clean of your ring. But you can clean your ring with hot soapy water and a cotton bud.

Q. Tip for gals in business?

A. It is hard running a business. You have to wear so many hats often at the same time. So it’s important to be focussed and set very clear goals. Have a clear vision otherwise how do you know what you are doing all this hard work for. This is not new advice but I swear by it.

Q. And last but not least; Favourite MUSQ product & why?

A. The scent from the MUSQ products is so fresh. I often smell the hand wash just for a fresh fruity zingy whiff of mandarin – how you have bottled that so beautifully is incredible. I am also a big fan of the exfoliant its quite gentle but still does what it needs to do.

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