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The Smooth Base

Posted on April 19, 2017

The MUSQ beauty knows the importance of a smooth, clean base. As this is so important we have been reformulating our No.1 Exfoliant to be gentler on the skin whilst still leaving the surface fresh, vibrant and polished. MUSQ have refined the rice powder and added jojoba beads.

Why have we done this?

Well, Jojoba beads are made from a biodegradable natural wax that is derived from jojoba oil, and its no secret we love jojoba here at MUSQ. As these beads have a round surface they do not scratch the skin as some exfoliants which use ingredients such a shell may. Do note however that these are NOT micro-beads which are commonly made from polyethylene and are damaging the environment.

We have also kept our ground rice in the mix however have made the particles much finer so to once again provide a smoother exfoliation without scratching your skins surface.

We feel this is a much better alternative for our beauties. Because the MUSQ beauty takes a minimal approach to skincare, which starts with a smooth base.

Banner Image – taken from @grittypretty           Featured Image – taken from @mumsgrapevine