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We’re talking TY-LR

Posted on June 9, 2016

TY-LR is the newest label part of the Australian Fashion Labels design house. It consist of modern, precise pieces that the consumer can wear over & over again without dating. Allowing every woman and man to face their day feeling confident and comfortable.

We caught up with TY-LR Brand Manager, Melanie Flintoft to find out a little bit more about the latest brand.

Q. MUSQ was thrilled to be part of your July collection, Edit. What was the inspiration behind this season’s collection? 

A. We absolutely loved treating our VIP guests to MUSQ cosmetics! It was the perfect complement to our Edit collection which manifested somewhat of a moment for the brand – where we reached a certain point in the brand’s evolution. We stopped and thought, there is more here – something new to discover. The feel of this collection is clever and thoughtful in design. It is attainable high end, timeless, collaborative- an answer to so many questions in the fashion market. TY–LR Edit materialises the TY-LR woman’s core beliefs; she is always inspire, yet forever timeless. 

Q. What is the significance of pairing with KPMG?

A. The idea came about late last year when we were lucky enough to see KPMG’s gorgeous newly built, 7th story balcony- instantly we knew it was the perfect space for a fashion runway! Not only do we work closely with the team at KPMG but TY-LR is the perfect pairing for many of the staff and clientele there. These women are constantly multitasking and balancing all aspects of their lifestyle. TY-LR is adaptable and provides this woman with a wardrobe that caters for daywear to evening as well as impromptu social events- the TY-LR woman is spontaneous, because she has to be! Always polished and ready for anything. We were lucky enough to have five staff from KPMG also walk the runway on the night which truly made the label relatable to the guests. 

Q. What is the difference between TY-LR and the other Aust. Fashion labels?

A. Australian Fashion Labels houses six brands in which each hold a very strong and independent voice, but come together to compliment each other by playing their own role within a wardrobe. TY-LR is our luxury brand, which has been built on “empowering the confident woman”.  The collection reflects the strong, sophisticated spirit she possesses whilst ultimately remaining wearable and comfortable. The use of bespoke fabrication and exclusive prints combined with beautifully tailored pieces has built the core aesthetic of this brand, which endeavours to create a new contemporary way of dressing.  

Q. Your pieces have been seen on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Jen Hawkins. What has this exposure done for the brand?

A. Yes, it is always an exciting moment when we spot one of our styles on such influential women! The exposure and media is always incredible. When Kendall Jenner named TY-LR as her ‘go to’ brand, the story blew up within an hour, was reported on on most media platforms and the ‘TY-LR Classic Coat’ Kendall was pictured in, sold out! It is incredible to see how much reach these women have but also a proud moment to know they also love our designs!

Q. Who do you want to see TY-LR on next?

A. I personally feel proud when I see anyone wearing TY-LR, should it be a celebrity in Vogue or a business woman at a local event, it is always exciting. We have just released a collaborative photoshoot with Nadia Fairfax and I love her in TY-LR. She gives a new element of edge and youth to the pieces by styling them unexpectedly which also shows their versatility.  And from here, the dream is to see Cate Blanchett in TY-LR!

Q. And lastly, when can we get these looks in store & online?

A. Our TY-LR Edit collection will begin dropping in stores in July right through to September! Keep an eye out for TY-LR in Myer and our new flagship store opening on North Terrace, Adelaide. 

For the monochrome lover, these are our fave selects: