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MUSQ Talk Personal Care with Aimee Marks

Posted on August 2, 2016

Chances are you have already come across or are using TOM Organic feminine hygiene products that are free from perfumes, chemicals, pesticides, bleach and genetically modified materials. Did you know TOM stands for; Time Of The Month – Cleaver yeh! Founded by Aimee Marks TOM has grown from strength to strength and now includes a maternity range to their line. We love that these products are developed by women, for women & on that note we had to reach out to Aimee and find out a little more about her fabulous brand.

The beautiful Aimee Marks

Q. How did you get into the business of feminine hygiene products?

A. I actually came up with the idea when I was at high school, I’ve always been interested in design and it started out as a purely functional design project, how do I solve the problem of tampons falling out in my handbag? But it quickly evolved into something else when I learned about the impact that conventional products have on our health and the environment. When I hit the ingredients list, it changed the entire focus of what I wanted to do. I was horrified by what was in my tampons (polypropylene, viscose rayon, bleach, dye), I knew I had to find an alternative! There are chemicals and insecticides being sprayed onto cotton that you wouldn’t let near you if you knew what they were, and the processes involved in turning tree pulp into rayon not only have health implications, but are incredibly detrimental to the environment too. I decided to make TOM products from 100% organic cotton, which means there is not a single chemical in any part of the process, from the farm to your bathroom.

Q. Do standard feminine hygiene products have an effect on our bodies? If so how does one address this issue?

A. The skin in and surrounding our vaginal area is the most absorbent part of our bodies! More so than our mouth. It make sense to only use pure, organic cotton feminine hygiene products. By using organic cotton we keep synthetic pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified materials out of the air, water and soil. This differs to the majority of conventional products on the market, which are often made with synthetic fibres like rayon, polypropylene (plastic) and conventional cotton.

Q. Environmental awareness seems to be important to TOM. What is the effect many feminine hygiene products have on the environment and why is it important to buy organic?

A. I was determined from the outset to go the extra mile to gain things like our ACO (Australian Certified Organic) certification and B Corp Certification. These certifications mean we choose to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency and demonstrate that ethical values are deeply ingrained in our DNA! It’s so rewarding to know that I have created a business that is a force for good in the world.

Q. You now include maternity products in your range. Did this come about since becoming a mum yourself and what does the range include?

A. What began as a journey to create organic feminine hygiene has evolved into a vision to support and nourish women at significant stages of life (first periods, first babies). So developing a maternity range felt like a natural step for us, especially being pregnant with twins at the time! Motherhood is often a turning point for women to switch to organic products for their babies, becoming more mindful of the chemicals you put on babies – we therefore think that it’s equally important for new mothers to have the purest imaginable choices too for their own bodies.

Q. We all dread that “time of month”. Any tips on getting through it a lil easier?

A. I love curling up on the couch with a big mug of chamomile tea. Taking some time out for yourself and enjoying a hot soak with epsom salts and a few drops of essential oils.

Q. TOM has a huge social media presence (51K followers last count). What is the importance of social media to your business?

A. I am surprised and pleased that we can reach the large scale of women in the TOM community through the power of social media. At the time of launching TOM, Facebook was used for personal use, rather than business and Instagram was non-existent. We are now sitting at +85K followers across our platforms, which is incredible. As the TOM Organic brand has such a human face, it has allowed women to engage and have sensitive conversations that they weren’t previously having. We feel a responsibility to listen to women and provide them with holistic and educational information that goes beyond product.

Q. Tip for gals in business?

A. Passion and perseverance. I’m a firm believer in writing your own story, not a business plan. Ultimately I feel that passion drives innovation and will be the driver behind your success. I have also built a company and working culture that I am proud of. I have an amazing team of people who love coming to work every day and who are also committed to challenging the status quo of this industry and drive collective change

Q. Since becoming a mum, what’s your beauty routine in the morning?

A. My beauty routine has always been quite minimal. I start my mornings with a warm mug of lemon water. Since becoming a mum I rely on a few key essentials I use everyday, such as the MUSQ gel cleanser, a hydrating serum and my favourite RMS concealer where I need it.


Your handbag is never without:

Go to MUSQ product and why? The MUSQ antioxidant toner. I have a bottle on my desk and spritz whenever I need to feel reenergized. Also essential for travelling on long flights!

Signature scent: I love using organic essential oils as a fragrance. My current favourite is a roll on clary calm oil and geranium oil from Doterrra.

Makeup philosophy: Less is more. I’ve been mixing my serum and tinted moisturiser in the morning for a more natural coverage.

Makeup bag essentials: RMS organic un cover up concealer, a TOM tampon and an Ilia lip gloss.


We love the TOM Organic products so much we just have to share them with our MUSQ beauties!

Simply purchase a product at MUSQ and you will receive a free TOM tampon sample and a tom organic ‘masini & chern’ cotton pouche. Enjoy!

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