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Q. Who is MUSQ?
A. Founded in 2007, MUSQ has grown organically – A few years on and MUSQ now holds a firm place in the Australian cosmetics market. MUSQ is all about going back to basics and nature and providing simple makeup and skin care that fits our hectic lifestyles, allowing women and men to be and look themselves with a little extra confidence. We aim to encourage people to make small changes to improve their health, mind & wellbeing along with our environment.

Q. What does MUSQ stand for?
A. MUSQ stands for Make Up, Skincare, Quintessentials. That’s what MUSQ is all about—we want to deliver you the key essentials for your skincare routine, while giving you the very best in terms of quality.

Q. Your philosophy is Keep it clean, kind & simple. What is this about?
A. MUSQ is a SIMPLE product to use, and KIND to the environment and health, whilst keeping your skin CLEAN with a healthy, natural glow.

Q. What does animal testing mean??
A. Unfortunately in our modern society animal testing does still exist. Animal testing is where an experiments are conducted on in order to see how safe and effective a particular product might be for humans. Many countries are now introducing bans on imported cosmetics that are tested on animals. It is time we all stood together in support of the ‘End Cruel Cosmetics Bill’.

Q. Why is it so important that MUSQ is cruelty free?
A. It is important that MUSQ is cruelty free as we believe that cruelty to any living creature is immoral. Many of these tests are outdated and unnecessary given most ingredients available are already known to be safe and can be tested in a non-animal based way.

Q. MUSQ products are vegan and gluten free – what does this mean?
A. A vegan product simply is a product that has no animal-derived ingredients or ingredients produced by an animal.
For example the product will be free of carmine (crushed up beetle), elastin (derived from cows) and allantoin (often from cows).
Gluten-free products simply mean that the product does not contain gluten, a protein found in wheat. This can be great for people suffering dietary intolerances such as celiac disease. We are mindful of the growing number of people with allergies and dietary intolerances such as celiac disease which is an intolerance to this protein.

Q. What does “natural ingredients” really mean?
A. When we at MUSQ talk about “Natural ingredients” we mean that we do not use unnecessary chemicals such as parabens, petrochemicals or other harmful fillers or synthetics – Its what we don’t use that counts! We like to go back to basics and listen to our bodies’ needs. As the old saying goes; less is best! 

Q. What is the difference between mineral foundations and regular foundations?
A. Mineral foundation gives a much better overall look/finish. Mineral foundations are more light weight and reflect light giving a natural glow. It won’t leave your skin looking like you have caked on make up with a line along your jaw.
A good mineral foundation also leaves out many nasty ingredients such as parabens, fragrance, talc, Bismuth oxychloride etc. For this reason it is ideal for people who have sensitive, acne, rosacea, sunburned or skin that has undergone salon/clinical treatments. When choosing a mineral powder foundation make sure it is made of ingredients such as iron oxides, mica, and titanium dioxides and NOT alcohol, nanoparticles, parabens or silicones. 

Q. What makes MUSQ unique, and called the best mineral makeup?
A. MUSQ is totally natural, safe and high fashion! Honest and innovative, copied but still unrivalled! MUSQ is not simply a makeup with scant minerals added, but hidden synthetics and irritants cloaked in ambiguous descriptions to increase profits. We’re very specific and open about all our ingredients, going beyond revealing just the “key” ingredients, and are shown to be accredited by Choose Cruelty Free on their website. With ties to the fashion industry for trends and listening closely to customer preferences, our colours, products and packaging are as fashionable and high performance as they are healthy. We don’t push unnecessary products like primers or finishing powders to maximise sales when we instead formulate superior products that do no require such extras. Using minerals for makeup is not new. Used since ancient times, and fashionable again in the last decade, MUSQ has drawn together all the elements necessary to make perfect, safe eco-glam makeup that is an extension of skincare.

Q. How long will my products last?
A. It’s a bit like how long is a piece of string? Frequency of use and amount used per application varies enormously between users, so a product that lasts one person 3 months may last someone else twice as long. Being undiluted, MUSQ powdered products may last approximately twice as long as regular products. Regarding shelf life, our regular production runs are small to keep products as fresh as possible. Moist products (eg: lipstick, mascara, creme foundation) have a shelf life of approx. one year so with typical use they will be all used up well prior to expiry. Powder-only products (eg: powder foundations, eyeshadow, bronzer) are made exclusively of minerals which are inert and do not harbour bacteria or go off. They have a shelf life of approx. 4 years post opening. They are therefore far more hygienic and long lasting that comparable products, but a high level of hygiene still needs to be maintained as any organic matter such as dust or dead skin if introduced into the jar will itself decompose.

Q. How can you properly compare various brands’ value by cost and weight?
A. It’s very hard! Another jar may seem to give you more as it looks bigger, but have much thicker base and walls so hold no more actual product. Or it may be packed less densely. If the product is diluted you get a lower mineral ratio, and the minerals used may be passive rather than active ones – hardly good value! MUSQ displays the weights of the contents, and does not include the weight of the container as with some brands.

Q. What products are safe after salon treatments?
A. Peels and dermabrasion can be great to improve skin problems. They also leave the skin more vulnerable, especially to sun damage, and more readily able to absorb what is applied to it. Regular cosmetics contain toxic and irritating synthetics, which will be more readily absorbed by the treated skin. Nasty! The skin is also then more likely to react to the ingredients, such as getting a rash or even blistering. Ouch! Only totally natural products that are also safe, soothing, healing and protective should be applied. Although minerals are soothing, when mineral makeup has bismuth oxychloride, carmine, talc, parabens or other problem ingredients it is counter-productive! MUSQ is ideal after salon treatments, having the properties needed by vulnerable skin but without any of the nasties.

Q. Why does MUSQ give so much information about ingredients on its website
A. MUSQ is passionate about promoting good health, for people and our planet, not just looking glamorous! We educate, and are aligned with like-minded companies who are focused on health and sustainability. Even if you decide not to use MUSQ, you can make a more informed choice. If you would like any more information or have any other questions we are happy to help where we can. Please just email us at

Q. It’s Summer and I love the beach; is MUSQ foundation water resistant if I swim? Will it go orange?
A. MUSQs foundations are highly water resistant and give full natural UVA / UVB sun protection! When drying off don’t rub face but gently pat dry to keep the mineral foundation on. The colour will stay true. Remember to use natural sunscreen elsewhere as it is safer and works on the top of the skin blocking UV penetration. Synthetic sunscreen works by absorbing rays under the skin’s surface, and contain toxic and irritating ingredients. Alway re-apply sunscreen once out of the water.

Q. What about other chemicals? You can’t escape them all!
A. Correct, and which is exactly why we should make the tiny and easy changes to minimise our exposure. Lots of small changes add up to a big result. You can buy all Australian totally safe and natural dish washing liquid to hair conditioner, at comparable or better prices than mainstream products. Shop around and you’ll discover some great healthy choices that perform better! You can’t eliminate all exposure, but you can reduce it considerably. Why buy an almost healthy makeup when you can buy Musq mineral makeup here? Think of it like junk food. A diet top heavy in junk food causes weight gain and health issues. If we eat healthily most of the time, a junk meal has little impact. * Current Australian legal requirements of the T.G.A. for Australian made products that are only a secondary sunscreen, such as cosmetics like foundation (rather than a product that is sold as a sunscreen) is that it must not be labelled with a SPF rating any higher than SPF15. If it is a cosmetic product of overseas origin then this does not apply, and this creates an ‘un-level playing field’ when customers are trying to compare Australian with overseas products! Although our foundations are Certified broad-spectrum and our Powder Foundations have a Certification that is higher than 15+, by the Australian Standards we are we are only allowed to say they offer SPF15. The degree of protection will vary though, because people will apply very different amounts of the product to their skin, from very sheer to much heavier. The skin obviously needs to have more than a scant amount on only a small area of the face to be afforded sun protection. That said, provided the foundation is not being shifted and lifted off the skin by touching, the natural sunscreen ingredients will continue providing their SPF properties until they are removed from the skin as they do not have a time limit of effectiveness as do their synthetic counterparts.

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