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Fitness In The City

Posted on January 16, 2017

Meet Lee Sutherland; Health / Fitness Expert and Director of Fitness In The City (Personal Training, Certified Health Coach and blogger on all things health, nutrition and fitness). Here at MUSQ we have been big fans of the Fitness In The City blog for years since meeting Lee in Sydney a while back. We find her website and instagram page provide countless motivation to live, move and nourish. This platform combines all Lee’s skills and education under one roof which helps to reach more people than Lee trains. Having always loved to write Fitness In The City became a fun outlet! Lee also runs online based herbal tea company; Little Wildling Co. Here you will find tea that is wild-grown with a combination of local Australian and international ingredients and is even hand blended by Lee Sutherland herself. Find out more about Lee and some of her beauty hacks below. And don’t forget to keep scrolling for her Goddess Skin Smoothie 😉

Q. Do you wear make up during a workout (if so what do you wear)?

A. When I see people wearing a full of make up working out I must say I do I little shudder for their poor skin! That being said I never feel bad if I have some mineral powder on because I know no harm will come to my skin. I always try to wash my face after a good sweat session though as I was prone to breakouts about 10 years ago (here’s looking at you PCOS!) so I am always a tad paranoid about it returning!!

Q. What does your beauty routine look like after a workout?

A. As my face is usually red for a awhile after a hard session or run I typically cleanse and then moisturising with something light. If I just did yoga or it is the end of the day and Im home, then I can open my cupboard and play with some extra things. Im very lucky to be send new products to try for my blog so at the moment that’s things like toners, activating water mist (which you put on before moisturising to absorb more of the product to hydrate), or serums, eye creams, facial oils. On the flip side, if Im in a hurry its just a splash of water, wipe with a cleansing cloth and then some facial oil. Simple yet effective!

Q. Best self motivation to get to the gym on days lacking energy?

A. Often it’s the days when you’re lacking in energy when you need to work out the most!! 99% of the time you will be feel so much better and glad you did it. Unfortunately there’s no secret to staying or finding motivation, it’s an evolving machine and something that gets you out of bed one day may not work the next. My best advise is to do things that keeps you accountable, training with a friend or a PT is a goodie because you cant stand them up!

Q. How long after a workout should we eat something and what is the best snack to re-fuel our body?

A. This really depends on what your overall goals are (ie muscle/body building, general fitness etc) to what your macros should be, however, as a general rule of thumb you should try and at least 30-50 minutes post workout. Without over complicating it just aim to get all 3 macronutrients in – that means protein, good carbs and good fats. Whether that’s a (clean sourced) protein shake on the go with a banana, nut butter or full meal like an eggs, avo, greens with a little quinoa or toast, that’s up to you!

Q. Best beauty advice you have ever received?

A. You have all heard it before but don’t sleep in your make up or with a dirty face! Also being mindful of what you put on your skin (keep it natural) and what you consume, it really does reflect in the end on your biggest organ, your skin.

Q. How has your routine changed since you became a mum?

A. I am a little more strict with what I put on my skin since being pregnant and that has carried through to today. The lazy luxury of taking my time applying everything is a tad more sporadic these days but I always talk off my make up at the end of the day (well almost all of the time!!), but that may just be with some toner and then a swipe of serum or oil before bed!

Q. Latest workout wear trend you are obsessing about?

A. Just quietly loving all things sporteluxe –like sneakers with dressers, so easy and cool!

" If you eat a diet full of crap, processed foods and too much sugar, this is when the balance goes out of whack, hormones go crazy, stress goes up and this all shows in your skin. So my advice? Lose the guilt! Choose a diet that is mostly wholefoods and foods that aren’t interfered with by humans (ie made in a lab and comes in a shiny packet) then have your fave treats on occasion and voila – you can lead a life that isn’t revolved or obsessed around food. "

You can know a gal by her beauty bag …

Your handbag is never without: My mobile phone, a note book, lip balm and now, baby wipes and a nappy…

Go to MUSQ product and why? Oh that’s a tough one!! Im a MUSQ supporter from the very beginning and adore so many!! I think the face exfoliator is up there (love the rose it smells so divine!) and I also love the crème and powder foundations!

Makeup philosophy: I always try to keep it as natural as possible, I’ve learnt so much about what we put onto our skin and how much gets absorbed into our body which is a little scary!! An easy swipe of mineral foundation with mascara is my daily go to! 2017 I should learn to mix it up…

Makeup bag essentials: Its pretty limited these days and that is by choice! I have slowly finished or got rid of all my MAC and other make up and replaced it with all things natural so its basics like foundation (compact and powder), bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye brow pencil and lip balm!

Goddess Skin Smoothie

Chilled Little Wildling Coo ‘I Am A Goddess’ organic herbal tea as the base of the smoothie (this is formulated especially for the skin and tastes delish) Here

Coconut flesh of a young coconut


Teaspoon Chai seeds

¼ avocado

Big handful of baby spinach

Extras that you can add if feeling adventurous: Stalk of celery, few nuts, fish oil (or flax seed), Spirulina rich powder (like Vital Greens), raw honey if desired